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What You Know About E Invoicing Software And What You Don’t Know About E Invoicing Software

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What You Know About E Invoicing Software And What You Don’t Know About E Invoicing Software.

E-invoicing is defined as “the interchange and storage of legally valid invoices in electronic format only between trading partners.”

we understand that electronic invoices are the best invoice software for small business . However, we have also heard directly from our clients that sending hard copy invoices – either instead of or in combination with electronic invoices – works best for their business.

You can further customize your invoicing experience to fit with your custom rules and way of handling business. So that Grandco generated the simple invoicing software for small business

Five Advantages to E-Invoicing

Magical things happen when you turn over invoicing to an automatic, electronic source.

The automatic process of e-invoicing is simply more easy than the old way of handling it.

advantages of invoicing software for freelancers

  • Reduce labor costs. No matter what your employees are doing, when they’re on the clock, they cost money. The more efficient they are, the healthier your bottom line. Since paper invoicing is labor-intensive…well, you can do the math from there.
  • Immediate delivery. You know the usual “lag” associated with snail mail? There’s no reason to have to factor it in again. You know how DSO (days sales outstanding) is a thorn in the side of your business? This will drastically reduce DSO so your accounts receivable and your cash flow consistently add up.
  • Save on postage fees. True: one stamp alone does not make or break your business. But thousands of stamps sent out every year? Compiled with labor costs? It adds up quickly. The more business you do, the more these costs increase. It’s far better to use electronic methods to better manage your growth and get more value out of your invoicing system.
  • Enhance your branding. You used to send out black-and-white invoices because you couldn’t afford the cost of fancy printing.
  • Cut down on paper. E-invoicing is a consistent way to save paper.

Grandco E-invoicing is the best online Invoice software for electrical contractors and plumbers.

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