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Simple, Secure Payment Processing

Your customers can be anywhere. And no matter where they are, they expect you to process their payments easily and securely – in person, over the phone or via mobile device.

The Right Hardware for the Job

Elavon can help. Our compact terminals allow you to easily and securely process payments.Wesupport a full range of payment options including credit cards, Interac debit, gift cards, and contactless payments. The Ingenico ETRA terminal lines support state-of-the art technologies with the latest security features, mitigating the risk of counterfeit card fraud.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

All TETRA devices support DCC at no extra cost, offering a traveling cardholder the ability to pay in their home currency right at the point of sale

Gift Card Support – Find Your Fit

Get the details — when details matter most, EGC provides businesses with a deep dive look into every aspect of their gift and promo card programs.
Set expiration dates — through the custom card option, businesses access a variety of more complex controls, such as service and dormancy fees and expiration dates.

*An active Grandco Merchant Account requires a merchant account application and 2 pieces of ID. Only approved merchant account applications qualify for the free Ingenico ICT220 Terminal. The Ingenico ICT220 terminal is the property of Grandco Merchant Services and cannot be used, transferred or reprogrammed to any other payment provider but Grandco Inc. In the event that the merchant agreement is terminated for any reason whatsoever, the terminal will be returned to Grandco Inc.

Grandco Inc is a Registered MSP/ISO of the Canadian Branch of
US Bank National Association and Elavon

*With an active Grandco Merchant Account. Expires December 31, 2019